Released the Capability to Use an External Node for BNB

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We’re thrilled to announce the release of the capability to utilize an external node for BNB, BEP20 USDT, and BEP20 USDC transactions. This feature allows users to employ a server with reduced specifications, streamlining operations compared to traditional full-node setups.

Here’s what this release entails:

1. Reduced Server Specifications. With this feature, users can leverage a server with fewer resources than those required for a full-node setup.

3. Seamless Node Switching. Easily switch to another full node at any time, providing flexibility and resilience in case of any issues with the previous node.

3. Instant Access to SHKeeper. Say goodbye to waiting for full node synchronization. Now, users can immediately start using SHKeeper without delay.

Experience the future of crypto transactions with our self-hosted crypto processor – SHKeeper!

Read a quick guide on how to use BNB with SHKeeper public fullnode.