SHKeeper Features

1. Multi-Currency

These days cyberspace is overflown by crypto and fiat currencies, demanding multi-purpose processors as a must-have option for any business willing to accept online payments. Easy switching between those currencies makes SHKeeper especially attractive.

SHKeeper Features

2. Direct Crypto Payments

One should add on top direct crypto payments to draw a larger picture of this truly multi-purpose processor and its tools.

3. Ability to Set Your Exchange Rates, Commissions, or Fees

SHKeeper is not limited to any official exchange rates, commissions, or fees. The processor functions independently in accordance with the aims and purposes of its owner and not some intermediaries or influence agents. Please note that should you decide to charge any fees or commissions, you can easily adjust them.

4. Crediting the Overpayment to the Balance

Another valuable option concerns overpayments, which may take place from time to time. In such circumstances, the processor notifies you automatically and credits the difference to the balance. A fair attitude always adds credentials to any business.

5. Partial Payments

SKeeper allows partial payments for products or services, installments or schemes of a kind, which are relatively popular in the contemporary market, raising the overall attractiveness and flexibility of a business and its products and services.

6. Setting Auto-Payments Into a Cold Wallet

It can be taken further by setting auto-payments into a cold wallet on a regular basis, in accordance with a planner or accumulated amount. Availability of such configuration allows for a noticeable improvement in the overall planning of payments and expenses.

7. No Transaction Fees

The ever-important factor is the absence of any transaction fees, making the processor stand out from the crowd of other ordinary payment accepting tools available on the market. Yet, the absence of intermediaries or third parties makes SHKeeper position a stronghold in the field of similar services. In fact, that is a robust competitive advantage for a business equipped with the processor but a deductive factor for potential clients.

8. No Third-Parties

No third-party involvement significantly increases the censorship resistance, privacy, and security for you and your customers.

9. Increased Privacy and Security

SHKeeper also features intriguing situations when it comes to privacy and security. The absence of third-party involvement significantly raises payment security level as well as overall confidentiality.

10. No KYC

However, when it comes to KYC or AML procedures, the processor does not require its users to go through irritating verification procedures involving photo-taking and passports, such as online casinos, online stock exchanges, and other FinTech products

11. Non-Custodial

Another vitally important moment is that SHKeeper is the non-custodial cryptoprocessor, which effectively means your full control over the private key. Hence, the assets are only available to their owner and not some third party, as it happens with custodial services like Binance or MetaMask.

12. Independent Software

SHKeeper is an open-code processor developed by our team and available on GitHub. Hence, everyone is more than welcome to make their contribution to the code or use it for their needs. The processor is not dependent upon any third party but should you require any help or assistance; the VSYS team is always happy to provide a helping hand.

13. SegWit Support

SHKeeper walks in line with contemporary market standards and requirements so that it has SegWit support, which allows for solving such essential nuances as flexibility and capacity of transactions. Technically speaking, this support takes place due to the full access to the key available.

14. Easily Embed Payment Buttons

SHKeeper also features straightforward and friendly UX throughout the processor. Payment buttons are pretty easy to build in for all kinds of resources. If not, we can always help you with it.

15. Full Internal Wallet With Hardware Wallet Integration

After all, you can use a processor as an ordinary wallet along with the full functionality of an internal multi-purpose function wallet.