Ripple (XRP) is Now Available

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We’re excited to share some exciting enhancements:

1. Receive Payments in Ripple (XRP). Users can now accept payments in XRP, expanding their payment options with SHKeeper – a self-hosted crypto processor.

2. Multi-Payout Capability for XRP. With our new multi payout feature, users can effortlessly make payouts in XRP to multiple addresses with just one API call. This streamlines the process, saving time and effort for users managing multiple transactions.

3. Download and Import Private Keys. We’ve added the functionality for users to download their private keys securely and import them into another wallet of their choice. This gives users greater control over their assets and allows for seamless management across different platforms.

4. Enhanced Security with Wallet Encryption. To ensure the utmost security of XRP holdings, we’ve introduced wallet encryption for XRP transactions. This adds an extra layer of protection to users’ funds, safeguarding them against unauthorized access and potential threats.

These SHKeeper updates aim to enhance the user experience, provide greater convenience, and bolster security measures for handling XRP transactions.