Announcement of USDT-TRC20 Release

Published 12.09.2022

We are happy to announce not that long but the strong-awaited release of USDT-TRC20. This particular crypto is continuously rising in popularity, and its acceptance is spreading at an impressive rate.

Announcement of USDT-TRC20 Release

Hence, we are proud to add it to the SHKeeper’s list, although it is available only to those using the paid version.

Despite its relevantly junior age, it is an absolute must to admit that SHKeeper has already attracted an impressive number of seriously committed and, considering their feedback, pleased customers. It makes us especially inspired and motivated to work hard to add more cryptos and coins to the list, never stopping our work on new exciting releases, networks, and SHKeeper’s fine-tuning.

Unless you are already with us, it is just about the right time to join the club!